La Faraona Cigars

Two Locations: 1315 E 7th Ave - 1515 E 7th Ave Tampa, Fl 33605

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Come on in to our Factory in Ybor City. We now offer tap beer and select wines!



We are Cuban and our family has rolled cigars for many years.
  We now live in Tampa and roll the very finest in cigars available, hand rolling them with the practiced care you might expect from both tradition and our heritage. We are excited that the fifth generation of our family is starting to learn to roll and make great cigars.
We are proud of our family, our skills, and our cigars. Rolling cigars is an art, and there are many cigar rollers who have practiced and perfected the steps necessary to make a fine cigar. All of the rollers in my store are members of my family, including my sons and brothers.
We have two locations in Ybor City to serve you;
The Factory: 1515 E 7th Ave
The Lounge: 1315 E 7th Ave
Our online store is always open at
or call us at

La Faraona Coffee Mug 15oz

Limited Edition La Faraona Cigars Mug

Limited Edition La Faraona Cigars Mug


La Faraona Cigars Mug
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