About us

We are Cuban and our family has rolled cigars for many years.  We now live in Tampa and roll the very finest in cigars available, hand rolling them with the practiced care you might expect from both tradition and our heritage.  We are proud of our family, our skills, and our cigars. Rolling cigars is an art, and there are many cigar rollers who have practiced and perfected the steps necessary to make a fine cigar.

Our family carefully selects the leaves used in our cigars for a better burn and a better taste.  The right tobacco, hand-rolled at the right tightness allows for a smoking experience compared to the old rollers of the Cuban factory workers.  

Modern cigar stores with air conditioning, custom lighting, and beautiful display cases may enhance the buying experience but rolling cigars and the steps involved has not changed in many years.  

Quality tobacco leaves, cured properly, rolled and wrapped with care makes for a cigar that can be enjoyed by the novice and the expert smoker.  

We offer many sizes and shapes of cigars using Nicaraguan and Honduran tobacco as filler and Connecticut wrappers. 
La Faraona Cigars, was created in 1987 in Havana, Cuba within the manufacturing tobacco company of Jose Manuel Guira. Daughter of Tobacconist "Tabaqueros" processors of tobacco and smoking supplies provided 50 years of experience in farming and manufacturing tobacco, my parents established and set very high traditional values and standards for a young girl of 16 years old. So began my passion for working with tobacco and cigar rollers grew.  As "Torcedores" the master rollers trained me as a "Torcedora," a female roller.

Being raised around tobacco, its planting, growing, and harvesting I longed to know more about all the processes of raising and curing to plants and to better master not only the way tobacco is harvested and rolled into cigars but to identify with the product and the people who worked with such passion and diligence.  From 1997 - 2002 I began mastering the manufacturing of tobacco and creating in myself the strongest business ethics.  

When my family arrived in the United States years later it became my desire to continue to share the "La Faraona" as a brand.

I wish to personally invite you to try our cigars, the very best of hand-rolled tobacco.